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Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece


Tree: Negroponte-Agelasto

Notes: or Syra. wikipedia entry for Syros, Greece.

Latitude: 37.4234105, Longitude: 24.916087999999945

Tree: Agelasto

Notes: or Syra. wikipedia entry for Syros, Greece.

Latitude: 37.4234105, Longitude: 24.916087999999945


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto, Alexander (Michel)  10 Sep 1833Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I84 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto, Angeliki (Stephanos)  1822Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I49 Agelasto 
3 Agelasto, Augustus (Anthony)  Abt 1828Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1160 Agelasto 
4 Agelasto, John Michael (Michael)  14 Sep 1835Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I80 Agelasto 
5 Agelasto, Leonidas (Ambrosios)  Abt 1847Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I165 Agelasto 
6 Agelasto, Loukia (Michael)  14 Feb 1832Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I78 Agelasto 
7 Agelasto, Marigo (Michael)  Abt 1834Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I82 Agelasto 
8 Agelasto, Michael (Alexander)  10 Mar 1869Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I193 Agelasto 
9 Agelasto, Stephanos (Ambrosios)  Abt 1849Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I166 Agelasto 
10 Agelasto, Stephen (Augustus)  03 Sep 1852Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I106 Agelasto 
11 Androuly, Michael (Isidore)  06 Nov 1871Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1153 Negroponte-Agelasto 
12 Argenti, Julie (Andreas)  05 Apr 1845Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2105 Negroponte-Agelasto 
13 Aslan, Catina (Ioannis)  Abt 1843Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3153 Negroponte-Agelasto 
14 Avierino, Ambrosios (Pandely)  13 Oct 1865Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2705 Negroponte-Agelasto 
15 Boukouris, Anastasios (Theodore)  07 Jul 1877Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1138 Negroponte-Agelasto 
16 Calouta, Basil (Jean)  1874Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I604 Negroponte-Agelasto 
17 Calvocoressi, Aetolia (Nicolas)  07 Apr 1906Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2698 Negroponte-Agelasto 
18 Calvocoressi, Angerou (Antonios)  17 Mar 1874Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2691 Negroponte-Agelasto 
19 Calvocoressi, Antonios (George)  15 Nov 1842Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2684 Negroponte-Agelasto 
20 Calvocoressi, Antonios (Nicolas)  12 Mar 1845Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3528 Negroponte-Agelasto 
21 Calvocoressi, Cosmas (Nicolas)  06 Aug 1881Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I816 Negroponte-Agelasto 
22 Calvocoressi, Demetrius (Nicolas)  23 Oct 1836Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2689 Negroponte-Agelasto 
23 Calvocoressi, Hypatia (Zorzis)  12 Mar 1836Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I764 Negroponte-Agelasto 
24 Calvocoressi, Jean (George)  27 Nov 1840Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2683 Negroponte-Agelasto 
25 Calvocoressi, Jean (Nicolas)  22 Mar 1897Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I823 Negroponte-Agelasto 
26 Calvocoressi, Jean Pantaleon (Nicolas)  27 Jul 1874Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I813 Negroponte-Agelasto 
27 Calvocoressi, Julia (Antonios)  17 Apr 1875Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2692 Negroponte-Agelasto 
28 Calvocoressi, Loucas (Nicolas)  06 Mar 1888Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I820 Negroponte-Agelasto 
29 Calvocoressi, Loucas (Zorzis)  03 Mar 1835Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I763 Negroponte-Agelasto 
30 Calvocoressi, Loula (Nicolas)  18 Jun 1890Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I822 Negroponte-Agelasto 
31 Calvocoressi, Maria (Nicolas)  12 Jul 1883Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I817 Negroponte-Agelasto 
32 Calvocoressi, Maria (Nicolas)  27 Dec 1902Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2697 Negroponte-Agelasto 
33 Calvocoressi, Maria-Vassiliki (Loucas)  02 Dec 1923Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I846 Negroponte-Agelasto 
34 Calvocoressi, Marigo (George)  31 Jul 1848Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2686 Negroponte-Agelasto 
35 Calvocoressi, Matthew (George)  14 Nov 1845Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2685 Negroponte-Agelasto 
36 Calvocoressi, Matthew (Nicolas)  06 Mar 1889Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I821 Negroponte-Agelasto 
37 Calvocoressi, Michael (Nicolas)  10 Nov 1875Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I814 Negroponte-Agelasto 
38 Calvocoressi, Nicolas  1924Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3929 Negroponte-Agelasto 
39 Calvocoressi, Nicolas (George)  17 Dec 1861Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2688 Negroponte-Agelasto 
40 Calvocoressi, Polymnia (Nicolas)  18 Oct 1872Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I812 Negroponte-Agelasto 
41 Calvocoressi, Spyridon (George)  08 Dec 1854Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2687 Negroponte-Agelasto 
42 Calvocoressi, Zambelou (Nicolas)  03 Apr 1887Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I819 Negroponte-Agelasto 
43 Cambani [Campanis], George (Theodore)  Abt 1908Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I4034 Negroponte-Agelasto 
44 Cambani [Campanis], Nicholas (Thedore)  Abt 1894Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I4031 Negroponte-Agelasto 
45 Caralli, Alexander (Marino)  1850Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2485 Negroponte-Agelasto 
46 Caralli, Ioannis (Michael)  20 Feb 1842Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3433 Negroponte-Agelasto 
47 Christodulidi, Antonios (Constantine)  30 Nov 1843Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1296 Negroponte-Agelasto 
48 Chryssoveloni, Leonidas John (Zannis)  04 Mar 1831Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1792 Negroponte-Agelasto 
49 Constantoulakis, Constantine (Nicolas)  02 Sep 1853Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I555 Negroponte-Agelasto 
50 Constantoulakis, Melpomene (Nicolas)  28 Aug 1843Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1114 Negroponte-Agelasto 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Calvocoressi, Maria-Vassiliki (Loucas)  13 Jan 1924Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I846 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Negroponte, Pandely (Ambrosios)  21 Dec 1837Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I437 Negroponte-Agelasto 
3 Scaramanga, Luke (Eustratius)  Abt 1837Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2288 Negroponte-Agelasto 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto, Stephanos (Augustis)  1870Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I26 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto, Stephen (Michael unknown)  03 Jan 1850Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I742 Agelasto 
3 Androuly, Michael (Isidore)  1929Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1153 Negroponte-Agelasto 
4 Avierino, Ambrosios (Pandely)  21 Jun 1916Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2705 Negroponte-Agelasto 
5 Avierino, Pandely (Ambrosios)  06 Dec 1882Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2706 Negroponte-Agelasto 
6 Calvocoressi, Antonios (George)  Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2684 Negroponte-Agelasto 
7 Calvocoressi, Antonios (Nicolas)  31 Jul 1900Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3528 Negroponte-Agelasto 
8 Calvocoressi, George (Ioannis)  26 May 1895Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2676 Negroponte-Agelasto 
9 Calvocoressi, Jean (George)  Aft 1895Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2683 Negroponte-Agelasto 
10 Calvocoressi, Maria (Nicolas)  29 Apr 1884Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I817 Negroponte-Agelasto 
11 Calvocoressi, Matthew (Nicolas)  12 Jul 1889Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I821 Negroponte-Agelasto 
12 Calvocoressi, Nicolas (Antonios)  22 May 1927Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I4888 Negroponte-Agelasto 
13 Calvocoressi, Nicolas (Dimitrios)  Bef 1876Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2694 Negroponte-Agelasto 
14 Calvocoressi, Nicolas (Zorzis)  1927Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I768 Negroponte-Agelasto 
15 Calvocoressi, Nicolas Antonios (Dimitrios)  22 May 1927Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2690 Negroponte-Agelasto 
16 Chiliadaki, Hypatia (Jean)  16 Mar 1877Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I811 Negroponte-Agelasto 
17 Condostavlo / Contostavlos, Ploumou (Leoni)  19 Jun 1823Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I5092 Negroponte-Agelasto 
18 Constantoulakis, Constantine (Nicolas)  03 Dec 1902Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I555 Negroponte-Agelasto 
19 Contoleon, Aspasia (Cosmas)  1932Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I815 Negroponte-Agelasto 
20 Coressi, Constance (Zannis)  29 Dec 1906Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2445 Negroponte-Agelasto 
21 Coressi, Loucas (Pandely)  17 Mar 1882Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1556 Negroponte-Agelasto 
22 Coressi, Maria (Loucas)  1894Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I5097 Negroponte-Agelasto 
23 Coressi, Marouko (Loucas)  28 Jul 1847Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I5101 Negroponte-Agelasto 
24 Coronio, Zannis (Zorzis)  04 Apr 1884Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1300 Negroponte-Agelasto 
25 Fachiri, Georges (Paul)  27 Jan 1863Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I5095 Negroponte-Agelasto 
26 Filippucci, Paola (Franšois)  28 Apr 1957Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I4771 Negroponte-Agelasto 
27 Franghiadi, Fanny (Constantine)  08 Apr 1927Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2384 Negroponte-Agelasto 
28 Galati, Arietta (George)  11 May 1885Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3988 Negroponte-Agelasto 
29 Galati, Constantine (Stephanos)  07 Feb 1913Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3764 Negroponte-Agelasto 
30 Galati, Eustratius (Stephanos)  05 Feb 1848Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3868 Negroponte-Agelasto 
31 Galati, George (Stephanos)  02 Jul 1916Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I756 Negroponte-Agelasto 
32 Galati, Jean (Stephanos)  05 Feb 1848Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3869 Negroponte-Agelasto 
33 Galati, Marietta (Stephanos)  12 Oct 1912Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I722 Negroponte-Agelasto 
34 Galati, Michael (Sergios)  17 Feb 1874Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3521 Negroponte-Agelasto 
35 Galati, Mimina (Stephanos)  23 Sep 1917Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1134 Negroponte-Agelasto 
36 Galati, Stephanos (Zorzis)  04 Aug 1875Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I757 Negroponte-Agelasto 
37 Galati, Zorzis (Stephanos)  1848Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I273 Negroponte-Agelasto 
38 Georgiadis, Jason (Nikiforos)  23 Dec 1918Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I3845 Negroponte-Agelasto 
39 Mavrogordato, Alexander (Michael)  29 Apr 1876Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1148 Negroponte-Agelasto 
40 Mavrogordato, Alexander (Michael)  29 Apr 1876Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I444 Agelasto 
41 Mavrogordato, Constantine (Matthew)  06 Nov 1881Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2270 Negroponte-Agelasto 
42 Mavrogordato, Fanny (Constantine)  30 Dec 1892Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2370 Negroponte-Agelasto 
43 Mavrogordato, Jacob (Scarlatos)  26 Apr 1920Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2373 Negroponte-Agelasto 
44 Mavrogordato, Marigo (Dimitrios)  15 Feb 1921Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2367 Negroponte-Agelasto 
45 Mavrogordato, Marigo (Scarlatos)  1894Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2396 Negroponte-Agelasto 
46 Mavrogordato, Matthew (Constantine)  05 Oct 1835Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2267 Negroponte-Agelasto 
47 Mavrogordato, Michael (Ambrouzis)  Bef 1836Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1840 Negroponte-Agelasto 
48 Mavrogordato, Paul (Lucas)  20 Jun 1839Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I883 Negroponte-Agelasto 
49 Mavrogordato, Penelope (Matthew)  17 Nov 1886Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2268 Negroponte-Agelasto 
50 Mavrogordato, Scarlatos (Michael)  20 Nov 1888Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2395 Negroponte-Agelasto 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Negroponte, Achilles (Augustus)  10 Jul 1851Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I2440 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Negroponte, Calliope (Ambrouzis)  20 Feb 1885Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece I1092 Negroponte-Agelasto 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Agelasto / Mavrogordato  02 Feb 1866Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F64 Agelasto 
2 Agelasto / Parembli  12 Mar 1831Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F43 Agelasto 
3 Androuly / Negroponte  31 Oct 1899Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F490 Negroponte-Agelasto 
4 Boukouris / Negroponte  10 Jul 1910Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1668 Negroponte-Agelasto 
5 Calvocoressi / Contoleon  27 Jul 1879Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F342 Negroponte-Agelasto 
6 Calvocoressi / Negroponte  6 Feb 1805Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F469 Negroponte-Agelasto 
7 Cambani [Campanis] / Negroponte  21 Jan 1893Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F488 Negroponte-Agelasto 
8 Caralli / Negroponte  14 Dec 1875Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1061 Negroponte-Agelasto 
9 Christophoridi / Calvocoressi  20 Oct 1891Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F345 Negroponte-Agelasto 
10 Constantoulakis / Mavrogordato  30 Apr 1888Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F236 Negroponte-Agelasto 
11 Coressi / Sigalas  5 Apr 1844Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F660 Negroponte-Agelasto 
12 Fachiri / Coressi  1870Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F2112 Negroponte-Agelasto 
13 Galati / Pro´os  04 Feb 1840Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1585 Negroponte-Agelasto 
14 Galati / Rodocanachi  30 Jan 1866Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F318 Negroponte-Agelasto 
15 Krinos / Negroponte  14 Jul 1919Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F484 Negroponte-Agelasto 
16 Krinos / Petrocochino   31 Jul 1876Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F485 Negroponte-Agelasto 
17 Mavrogordato / Agelasto  1828Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F54 Agelasto 
18 Mavrogordato / Mavrogordato  7 Jun 1897Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1008 Negroponte-Agelasto 
19 Mavrogordato / Ralli  15 Apr 1890Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1009 Negroponte-Agelasto 
20 Mitarakis / Ralli  1847Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F203 Negroponte-Agelasto 
21 Negroponte / Constantoulakis  30 Jan 1861Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F476 Negroponte-Agelasto 
22 Negroponte / Coressi  27 Dec 1842Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1044 Negroponte-Agelasto 
23 Negroponte / Grimaldi  01 Dec 1896Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F779 Negroponte-Agelasto 
24 Negroponte / Mavrogordato  02 Jul 1872Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F486 Negroponte-Agelasto 
25 Niotti / Mavrogordato  05 Jan 1889Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1010 Negroponte-Agelasto 
26 Petrizi / Negroponte  31 Jan 1903Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F492 Negroponte-Agelasto 
27 Petrocochino / Coressi  2 Jun 1865Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F2116 Negroponte-Agelasto 
28 Prassacachi / Galati  11 Sep 1842Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F773 Negroponte-Agelasto 
29 Psiachi / Negroponte  05 Jun 1880Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1058 Negroponte-Agelasto 
30 Ralli / Ralli  29 Mar 1856Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1320 Negroponte-Agelasto 
31 Ralli / Vlasto  26 Dec 1828Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1018 Negroponte-Agelasto 
32 Rovolopoulos / Calvocoressi  02 Mar 1924Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F1147 Negroponte-Agelasto 
33 Salvago / Negroponte  25 Sep 1849Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F471 Negroponte-Agelasto 
34 Vouro / Paspati  3 Mar 1852Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F784 Negroponte-Agelasto 
35 Zeϊs [ZoŰs] / Galati  16 Oct 1866Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F314 Negroponte-Agelasto 
36 Zeϊs [ZoŰs] / Galati  20 Aug 1892Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F316 Negroponte-Agelasto 
37 Zervoudachi / Galati   07 Oct 1865Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F482 Negroponte-Agelasto 
38 Zervoudachi / Vouro  07 Apr 1868Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F785 Negroponte-Agelasto 
39 Ziffo / Agelasto  19 Oct 1829Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece F10 Agelasto