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London, England UK


Tree: Negroponte-Agelasto

Latitude: 51.5073509, Longitude: -0.12775829999998223


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Argenti, Andrianos (Pandely)  01 Dec 1889London, England UK I2547 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Argenti, John Pandely (Pandely)  12 Dec 1884London, England UK I2546 Negroponte-Agelasto 
3 Argenti, Leonidas Pandely (Pandely)  01 Jun 1882London, England UK I2545 Negroponte-Agelasto 
4 Argenti, Pandely Leonidas (Leonidas)  10 Nov 1853London, England UK I2544 Negroponte-Agelasto 
5 Asquith, Annabel Laura Marguerite (Michael)  25 Mar 1939London, England UK I4300 Negroponte-Agelasto 
6 Avierino, Alexandra (Alexander)  05 Aug 1871London, England UK I920 Negroponte-Agelasto 
7 Avierino, Hypatia (Alexandre)  29 Dec 1866London, England UK I919 Negroponte-Agelasto 
8 Avierino, Theano (Alexander)  10 Jun 1865London, England UK I921 Negroponte-Agelasto 
9 Battye, Diana Eveline M. (Percy)  05 Sep 1915London, England UK I4293 Negroponte-Agelasto 
10 Battye, Major Percival Laurence Montague (Montague) MC  29 Apr 1886London, England UK I1685 Negroponte-Agelasto 
11 Beale, Robert  Abt 1815London, England UK I3586 Negroponte-Agelasto 
12 Beauman, Lavender B  20 May 1927London, England UK I1710 Negroponte-Agelasto 
13 Birrell, Christopher R. S.  spr 1954London, England UK I4905 Negroponte-Agelasto 
14 Birrell, Edward Charles Stewart (Christopher)  spr 1987London, England UK I4904 Negroponte-Agelasto 
15 Bowman, Evelyn Mary S.R.N.  06 Oct 1922London, England UK I1698 Negroponte-Agelasto 
16 Breton, Emma Georginia (David)  spr 1956London, England UK I4906 Negroponte-Agelasto 
17 Brock, Elizabeth Olivia Marie (Hubert)  9 May 1906London, England UK I1672 Negroponte-Agelasto 
18 Brudenell, Edmund Crispin Stephen James George [George]  24 Oct 1928London, England UK I2603 Negroponte-Agelasto 
19 Brudenell-Bruce, George Lionel Thomas (Robert)  26 Aug 1880London, England UK I2602 Negroponte-Agelasto 
20 Brudenell-Bruce, Lord Robert Thomas (Ernest)  25 Jan 1845London, England UK I2605 Negroponte-Agelasto 
21 Calvocoressi, George John (John)  12 May 1880London, England UK I2031 Negroponte-Agelasto 
22 Calvocoressi, Georgios (Miltiades)  24 Aug 1887London, England UK I2182 Negroponte-Agelasto 
23 Calvocoressi, Leonidas (John)  09 May 1878London, England UK I2030 Negroponte-Agelasto 
24 Calvocoressi, Norma Daphne (Pantias)  28 May 1919London, England UK I2056 Negroponte-Agelasto 
25 Calvocoressi, Roy St George (George) OBE  24 Apr 1930London, England UK I2633 Negroponte-Agelasto 
26 Caridia, Reginald Coverdale (Pandely)  27 Sep 1886London, England UK I4322 Negroponte-Agelasto 
27 Carnegie, David Ludovic George Hopetoun (David) Earl (11th) of Northesk  24 Sep 1901London, England UK I1673 Negroponte-Agelasto 
28 Clayton, Diana Margaret (Edward)  24 Jul 1926London, England UK I3466 Negroponte-Agelasto 
29 Davey, Martin Graham (Marcus)  win 1970London, England UK I5238 Negroponte-Agelasto 
30 de Pret-Roose, Michael James George (Jacques)  15 May 1925London, England UK I4237 Negroponte-Agelasto 
31 Demetriadi, Colonel Michael Anthony (Constantine) OBE, TD, KStJ  20 Oct 1920London, England UK I1993 Negroponte-Agelasto 
32 Empedocles, Gregory (Petros)  07 Oct 1861London, England UK I1640 Negroponte-Agelasto 
33 Eumorfopoulos, Elpiniki (Aristides)  02 Sep 1867London, England UK I3290 Negroponte-Agelasto 
34 Eumorfopoulos, Eustratius (Aristides)  27 Jan 1870London, England UK I2325 Negroponte-Agelasto 
35 Eumorfopoulos, Maria (Aristides)  12 Jun 1866London, England UK I2328 Negroponte-Agelasto 
36 Eumorfopoulos, Mimina (Aristides)  02 Sep 1867London, England UK I2327 Negroponte-Agelasto 
37 Fachiri, Despina (Nicolas)  23 Apr 1864London, England UK I3564 Negroponte-Agelasto 
38 Franghiadi, Elizabeth (Emmanuel)  22 Mar 1843London, England UK I1590 Negroponte-Agelasto 
39 Franghiadi, George (Emmanuel)  05 Nov 1839London, England UK I1591 Negroponte-Agelasto 
40 Franghiadi, Julia (Emmanuel)  25 May 1851London, England UK I1595 Negroponte-Agelasto 
41 Franghiadi, Michael (Emmanuel)  15 Nov 1840London, England UK I1592 Negroponte-Agelasto 
42 Franghiadi, Paul (Emmanuel)  Abt 1859London, England UK I4324 Negroponte-Agelasto 
43 Franghiadi, Semira (Emmanuel)  29 May 1849London, England UK I1594 Negroponte-Agelasto 
44 Franghiadi, Stephen (Emmanuel)  08 May 1845London, England UK I1593 Negroponte-Agelasto 
45 Galati, Luke (Constantine)  26 Oct 1886London, England UK I3767 Negroponte-Agelasto 
46 Galati, Colonel Stephen (Constantine)  31 Jan 1882London, England UK I3766 Negroponte-Agelasto 
47 Galati, Virginia (Constantine)  27 Apr 1880London, England UK I3765 Negroponte-Agelasto 
48 Geralopoulos, Julia (Constantine)  25 Mar 1845London, England UK I3975 Negroponte-Agelasto 
49 Gripari, Anna (Stephane)  aut 1975London, England UK I5122 Negroponte-Agelasto 
50 Gripari, Leonidas (Stephane)  sum 1980London, England UK I5121 Negroponte-Agelasto 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexandroff, John (Alexander)  1926London, England UK I1028 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Argenti, Eugenia (Leonidas)  07 Apr 1935London, England UK I2596 Negroponte-Agelasto 
3 Argenti, Georgina Julia Susan (Philip)  Abt 15 Aug 2017London, England UK I2600 Negroponte-Agelasto 
4 Argenti, Julia Q. (Pandely)  16 Jul 1963London, England UK I2549 Negroponte-Agelasto 
5 Argenti, Pandely Leonidas (Leonidas)  06 Oct 1911London, England UK I2544 Negroponte-Agelasto 
6 Argenti, Philip Pandely (Pandely)  14 Apr 1974London, England UK I2598 Negroponte-Agelasto 
7 Barker, Gertrude Mary  01 Mar 1956London, England UK I4346 Negroponte-Agelasto 
8 Battye, Montague John (Montague)  1 Nov 1942London, England UK I1686 Negroponte-Agelasto 
9 Borer, Reginald Ernest (Ernest)  Abt Jun 1962London, England UK I4078 Negroponte-Agelasto 
10 Boxshall, Lt Colonel Edwin George MBE  26 Jan 1984London, England UK I1250 Negroponte-Agelasto 
11 Burnett Rae, Alan (James)  Sep 1972London, England UK I1045 Negroponte-Agelasto 
12 Calvocoressi, George John (John)  16 Mar 1937London, England UK I2031 Negroponte-Agelasto 
13 Calvocoressi, Michael Dimitrios (Dimitrios)  01 Feb 1944London, England UK I3529 Negroponte-Agelasto 
14 Calvocoressi, Norma Daphne (Pantias)  18 Jul 1983London, England UK I2056 Negroponte-Agelasto 
15 Calvocoressi, Pantias John (John)  18 Jul 1965London, England UK I2028 Negroponte-Agelasto 
16 Calvocoressi, Yolanda (George)  22 Dec 2005London, England UK I2632 Negroponte-Agelasto 
17 Carter, Charles William Feltham (Samuel)  25 Oct 1937London, England UK I2077 Negroponte-Agelasto 
18 Coronio, Calliope Despina (Theodore)  19 Aug 1906London, England UK I397 Negroponte-Agelasto 
19 Demetriadi, Constantine Constantine (Constantine) MBE  1 Aug 1951London, England UK I2003 Negroponte-Agelasto 
20 Drakos, Angeliki  08 Nov 1896London, England UK I1548 Negroponte-Agelasto 
21 Empedocles, Ion Paul (Stephen)  28 Aug 1974London, England UK I2725 Negroponte-Agelasto 
22 Eumorfopoulos, Aristides George (Georges)  23 Mar 1897London, England UK I1731 Negroponte-Agelasto 
23 Eumorfopoulos, Elpiniki (Aristides)  07 Jan 1946London, England UK I3290 Negroponte-Agelasto 
24 Eumorfopoulos, M. (Aristides)  Dec 1942London, England UK I3286 Negroponte-Agelasto 
25 Eumorfopoulos, Mimina (Aristides)  1953London, England UK I2327 Negroponte-Agelasto 
26 Eumorfopoulos, Nicolas (Aristides)  09 Dec 1942London, England UK I2326 Negroponte-Agelasto 
27 Eumorfopoulos, Smaragda (Aristides)  28 Dec 1916London, England UK I2331 Negroponte-Agelasto 
28 Franghiadi, Stephen (Emmanuel)  29 May 1877London, England UK I1547 Negroponte-Agelasto 
29 Galati, Jean (Stephanos)  06 Sep 1905London, England UK I721 Negroponte-Agelasto 
30 Garland, Countess Elizabeth (Charles)  5 Mar 1973London, England UK I5346 Negroponte-Agelasto 
31 Head, Amy Edith Mary (William)  12 Nov 1912London, England UK I4195 Negroponte-Agelasto 
32 Ionides, Alexander (Alexander)  31 Jul 1898London, England UK I213 Negroponte-Agelasto 
33 Ionides, Sophia (Eustratius)  22 Feb 1905London, England UK I1373 Negroponte-Agelasto 
34 Jessel, Timothy Edward (Edward)  27 Dec 1969London, England UK I4919 Negroponte-Agelasto 
35 Kessisoglu, John (Theodore)  08 Jan 1903London, England UK I730 Negroponte-Agelasto 
36 Koumandaros, Aikaterini (Nicolas)  26 Jun 2000London, England UK I2493 Negroponte-Agelasto 
37 Lambrinudi, Leonidas (Emmanuel)  10 Mar 1920London, England UK I3603 Negroponte-Agelasto 
38 Levrett, Winifred Wendy  17 Jan 1999London, England UK I4167 Negroponte-Agelasto 
39 Lykiardopoulo, Anthony Constantine (Constantine)  Abt Jun 1999London, England UK I5050 Negroponte-Agelasto 
40 Manuel, Miltiades Basil (Basil)  23 Dec 1907London, England UK I1372 Negroponte-Agelasto 
41 Mavrogordato, Alexandra (Pandely)  13 Sep 1897London, England UK I2516 Negroponte-Agelasto 
42 Mavrogordato, Fanny (Ambrouzis)  15 Oct 1906London, England UK I1523 Negroponte-Agelasto 
43 Mavrogordato, Franga (Nicolas)  15 Nov 1877London, England UK I2139 Negroponte-Agelasto 
44 Mavrogordato, Marigo (Emmanuel)  04 Jul 1924London, England UK I353 Negroponte-Agelasto 
45 Mavrogordato, Pantaleon Ambrose (Ambrouzis)  13 Oct 1914London, England UK I2556 Negroponte-Agelasto 
46 McGlynn, Eileen Winifred (Bernard)  Apr 1994London, England UK I4183 Negroponte-Agelasto 
47 Melville, Agnes Hermione (Robert)  1 Dec 1968London, England UK I2035 Negroponte-Agelasto 
48 Mendes da Costa, Michael David (Jack)  22 Mar 1977London, England UK I2607 Negroponte-Agelasto 
49 Metaxa, Dr. Themistocles (Gerasimo)  1903London, England UK I2353 Negroponte-Agelasto 
50 Montefiore, Emma (Leslie)  29 Mar 1951London, England UK I1453 Negroponte-Agelasto 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Petrocochino, Marigo  21 Jul 1950London, England UK I4191 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Sevastopoulos, Demetrius (Stamatios)  27 Jan 1915London, England UK I4028 Negroponte-Agelasto 
3 Sevastopoulos, Eustratius George (George)  16 Jan 1941London, England UK I4608 Negroponte-Agelasto 
4 Sevastopoulos, George (Demetrius)  07 Mar 1947London, England UK I3979 Negroponte-Agelasto 
5 Sevastopoulos, John (Constantine)  23 Oct 1947London, England UK I4617 Negroponte-Agelasto 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   spr 1947London, England UK F2053 Negroponte-Agelasto 
2 Andersen / Negroponte  21 Mar 1917London, England UK F1430 Negroponte-Agelasto 
3 Brudenell / Manningham-Buller  08 Nov 1955London, England UK F1757 Negroponte-Agelasto 
4 Caridia / Ramage  26 Nov 1940London, England UK F1835 Negroponte-Agelasto 
5 Carter / Calvocoressi   1948London, England UK F889 Negroponte-Agelasto 
6 Coronio / Ionides  1855London, England UK F166 Negroponte-Agelasto 
7 Coundouriotis / Petrocochino  spr 1889London, England UK F621 Negroponte-Agelasto 
8 Curel-Sylvestre / Skinner  10 Oct 1905London, England UK F2194 Negroponte-Agelasto 
9 de Pret-Roose / Vlasto  spr 1949London, England UK F1771 Negroponte-Agelasto 
10 de Wilde / Bearcroft  16 Apr 1977London, England UK F2226 Negroponte-Agelasto 
11 Ionides / Carpenter  16 Oct 1936London, England UK F1401 Negroponte-Agelasto 
12 Ionides / Sgouta   1832London, England UK F1315 Negroponte-Agelasto 
13 Jessel / Smith  8 Jun 1961London, England UK F2038 Negroponte-Agelasto 
14 Knowles / Scouloudi  sum 1945London, England UK F1604 Negroponte-Agelasto 
15 Kogevinas / Scaramanga  1945London, England UK F906 Negroponte-Agelasto 
16 Lambrinudi / Lucas  Jun 1958London, England UK F1508 Negroponte-Agelasto 
17 Lucas / Lyons  spr 1929London, England UK F1423 Negroponte-Agelasto 
18 Lykiardopoulo / Casdagli  sum 1947London, England UK F2094 Negroponte-Agelasto 
19 Mendes da Costa / Brudenell  18 Nov 1970London, England UK F1106 Negroponte-Agelasto 
20 Mendes Da Costa / Yabonsky  win 1911London, England UK F2294 Negroponte-Agelasto 
21 Oakshott / Vlasto  06 Aug 1965London, England UK F1770 Negroponte-Agelasto 
22 Petrocochino/Petro / Bullivant  1921London, England UK F825 Negroponte-Agelasto 
23 Psycha / Ralli  23 Aug 1860London, England UK F408 Negroponte-Agelasto 
24 Psycha / Ralli  11 May 1867London, England UK F406 Negroponte-Agelasto 
25 Ralli / Ralli  21 Nov 1885London, England UK F423 Negroponte-Agelasto 
26 Roberts / Loab  24 Dec 1946London, England UK F1192 Negroponte-Agelasto 
27 Sevastopoulos / Mills  25 Jul 1942London, England UK F1932 Negroponte-Agelasto 
28 Sevastopoulos / Ralf  1940London, England UK F1930 Negroponte-Agelasto 
29 Sevastopoulos / Willis  spr 1949London, England UK F1751 Negroponte-Agelasto 
30 Seymour / Skipworth  12 Jul 1906London, England UK F1598 Negroponte-Agelasto 
31 Stone-Richards / Parigoris  Abt Aug 1988London, England UK F1563 Negroponte-Agelasto 
32 Traill / Adam  sum 1954London, England UK F2086 Negroponte-Agelasto 
33 Vlasto / Brock  sum 1946London, England UK F713 Negroponte-Agelasto 
34 Vlasto / Medway  19 Mar 1945London, England UK F291 Negroponte-Agelasto 
35 Vlasto / Pollock  spr 1947London, England UK F702 Negroponte-Agelasto 
36 Vlasto / Upton  11 Dec 1948London, England UK F854 Negroponte-Agelasto 
37 Vouro / Rodocanachi  20 Oct 1859London, England UK F646 Negroponte-Agelasto 
38 Zizinia / Taylor  aut 1908London, England UK F1519 Negroponte-Agelasto