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Strati (Ioannis) Scaramanga

Male Abt 1874 - 1940  (~ 66 years)


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Vacquiere-Vilpail chateau, St Martin de Crau, France

Built in the 1880s Italian style by Luca Mimbelli for his daughter Marguerite and her husband Strati Scaramanga

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Linked toMarie Catherine Andromaque (Michel) de Zogheb; Luca L. Mimbelli; Marguerite Dominique Constance Marie Estelle Fanny (Luca) Mimbelli; André (Strati) Scaramanga; Jean (Strati) Scaramanga; Jean-Michel (André) Scaramanga; Pierre (André) Scaramanga; Pierre (Strati) Scaramanga; Serge Emmanuel (André) Scaramanga; Strati (Ioannis) Scaramanga; Fanny Catherine [Mimbelli]

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