Timoleon Ambelas,  History of the Island of Syros: From the most ancient times until nowadays (Ermoupolis, Syros, 1874; republished 1998 by Christos A. Kalimeris).  The author was a lawyer in Syros.  This document was found in the Syros Public Library, April 2009.


It contains a name list which, as the author says, is “the most comprehensive list of persons who came as refugees from Chios to Syros during the Independence War”. He found it in an original letter, sent 10 Jul 1829 [the new Greek State had just been constituted] to the Governor of Greece, Capodistria, and signed, as the letter says, “by ALL Chiots of Syros, with the only exception of those who are completely illiterate”. It is signed by 327 persons. (George Agelastos)