Chiot Emigrants: The AGELASTO


Over a long period of time the author, Demetrios Melachrinoudis, has been researching Chiot emigration.

The information listed below is drawn on reports published in two newspapers:


- “Amalthia”, the oldest Greek newspaper of Smyrna (issued 1838-1922)

- “Neologos”, a Greek newspaper of Constantinople (issued 1866-1897)


According to those reports, main centres of Agelasto emigration in the 19th century were:

England (London, Manchester, Liverpool), Marseille, Constantinople, New York and Calcutta.


1) London


--  Agelasto, Petrocochino & Co donated on annual basis 15 Pound Sterling (GBP) to Chios Schools (certified for the years 1866, 1867 and 1868)

→Amalthia, 12 Nov 1865, 17 Aug 1866, 1 Sept 1867


Donations to the Chios  Hospital:

-- Vieroù C. Agelasto: 10 GBP

-- Aglaia Agelasto: 5 GBP

-- Despina A. Agelasto: 10 GBP

→Neologos, 20/2 May 1872


            -- John Michael Agelasto is listed among the founders of the “Greek School in London”

→Neologos, 3/15 Oct 1870


-- Agelasto & Co  donated 200 GBP to the victims of the Chios earthquake

→Neologos, 7/19 April 1881


2) Manchester


            -- Stephen Agelasto is listed among the donors to the Chios Hospital

→Neologos, 8/20 June 1872


3) Liverpool


            -- Lucia Agelasto  donated  100 Drachmas to “Queen Amalia  Orphanage of Athens”

→Amalthia, 2 Febr 1856

                                                 and also donated  2 GBP to the Chios Hospital

→Neologos, 8/20 June 1872


4) Marseille


In an article “L´ importante colonie Hellénique du XIXème siècle et son influence sur l´ Economie de Marseille” by C. D. Tekeian, 10 May  1961, are mentioned :

            -- Demetrios Agelasto  as member of the Marseille Chamber of Commerce in 1872 and

            -- Theodore Agelasto as member of the Marseille Chamber of Commerce in 1895.



            Donations to Chios Schools:


-- Stephen Agelasto & Son: 250 Francs

-- M(ichael) P. Agelasto: 100 Francs

→Amalthia, 1 Sept 1867


Donations to the Chios Hospital:


-- Stephen Agelasto: 500 Francs

-- Michael Agelasto & Son: 250 Francs

-- M(ichael) P. Agelasto: 100 Francs

→Amalthia, 29 Sept 1867


-- Demetrios Agelasto: 200 Francs

-- Demosthenes Agelasto: 200 Francs

-- Michael P. Agelasto: 200 Francs

→Neologos, 20/2 May 1872



5) Constantinople


-- Cozìs Agelasto  bequeathed:  30.000 Grosia to the National Hospital of Heptapyrgion [in Constantinople], 30.000 Gr to the Chios Hospital, 5.000 Gr to the Boys School of Stavrodromion [in Constantinople], 5.000 Gr to the Greek Literature Club [in Constantinople] and other sums to several institutions, in total 100.000 Grosia.

→Amalthia, 21 Jan 1860


-- Agelasto & Vouro sign along with others a letter to the Great Vesir concerning hygiene measures to be taken [in Constantinople].

→Amalthia, 15 July 1866


-- St[amati] N. Agelasto,  merchant and banker, promises an annual contribution

of 10 TL (Turkish Lira) in favour of the  Patriarchate.

→Neologos, 22/3 Febr 1879


-- Constantine Agelasto  donated 10 TL in favour of the earthquake victims on Chios.

→Neologos, 14/26 May 1881



6) Calcutta


-- Agelasto & Sagranti  donated 100 Rupies  in favour of the Chios Schools

→Neologos, 4 May 1872









7) New York


Registered in New York are the enterprises


-- Negroponte & Agelasto  (1861)  and

-- Agelasto & Co  (1868)

→D. Melachrinoudis: “Chiots in America before 1900”

An essay published in the magazine “DAPHNE”, July 2002


With the only exception of Ralli Brothers, in 1879 no other Greek enterprise exists [in New York]. Either they went bankrupt (in the course of the economic crisis that began in 1873) or they just gave up their business.

→Neologos, 5/17 August 1889




The above handwritten notes by Demetrios Melachrinoudis are excerpts from his yet unpublished work “Chiot Emigrants”.


Translated by George Agelastos