Demetrios Melachrinoudis:


“Reports on Hygiene Institutions of Chios

in the second half of the 19th century

quoted from the Press of that time.”



Published by: Medical Society of Chios

Chios 2007


The main part of Melachrinoudis´ book consists of reports concerning the Chios Hospital, quoted from the newspapers “Neologos” of Constantinople and “Amalthia” of Smyrna.

In a number of reports are listed those emigrant Chiots who donated money in favour of Chios Hospital and among them are, of course, some Agelasto sending several sums of money for the Hospital on several occasions.


1) London

-- Vieroù C. Agelasto: August 1871, July 1874, June 1877, August 1878, August 1879,

                                      June 1880, January 1882

            -- Augustinus C. Agelasto [Vieroù´s son]: August 1871


-- Despina A. Agelasto: August 1879, June 1880, January 1882



2) Liverpool

-- Lucia Agelasto: May 1874



3) Manchester

-- Mrs S. C. Agelasto:  July 1874


-- Augustus Agelasto & Co: August 1879, June 1880



4) Marseille

-- M. P. Agelasto: July 1874, June 1877, July 1878, June 1880



5) Calcutta

-- A. Agelasto & Co: August 1878







Translated by George Agelastos