History of the Orthodox Church in Chios

by Ioannis M. Andreadis, Archimandrite.

Part C

Published by G. Vlassis Brothers, Athens, 1996 

pages LII-LIII:


[Document] No 24: A document issued by the Church Administration of Chios in 1835, related to the ownership of St Tryphon Church, by which Manuel Agelasto is acknowledged as the legal owner.


The acknowledgement is based on a letter from the Patriarch [of Constantinople], accompanied by a written confirmation, signed by Pandely Mavrogordato, Manuel Yalinas, Manuel Proios, Manuel Frangias, Nicholas Carydia, John Lesto and John Psycharis.


Initial owner of St Tryphon church was Chadji Augustinus Agelasto.

After Augustinus´ death, the church was inherited by his firstborn son, Tryphon.


After Tryphon´s death, as he had no descendants, the church passed on to Manuel, firstborn son of John Agelasto, Chadji Augustinus´ second-born son.


So the Church Administration acknowledges Manuel Agelasto to be – according to the Church rules – the  legal owner of St Tryphon church and of all its attachments (buildings, estates, fields etc).


The document lists five such attachments, first of which is the house adjacent to the church [now owned by Lambros Philippidis].The other four are gardens or fields with detailed description of their location, dimensions, even sort and number of trees on them.



George Agelastos, December 2009