History of the Orthodox Church in Chios

by Ioannis M. Andreadis, Archimandrite.

Part A, Second edition

Published by G. Vlassis Brothers


 Father Kallinikos Kreatsoulis, from Chios, was for about 30 years the Greek Community priest in Marseille and died there in September 1861. He willed to the Athens Priest School (called “Rizarios”) the sum of 40,000 drachmas, the interest earnings of which should be used to finance a course of studies at that school for two poor young Chiots at a time. Theodore Emm. Rodocanachi and M. P. Agelasto, both residents of Marseille, were the administrators of Kreatsoulis’ will. On p. 84 there is a list of young Chiots who actually studied at the Rizarios Priest School on those funds.

George Agelastos, December 2009