Agelasto companies with unknown Agelastos


A number of Agelasto companies have been identified to which we have been unable to assign specific Agelastos.  These include:


From Georgiadis, 1898 (pp 232-237):



- Agelastos & Casanova

- Agelastos & Vouros

- Castellis & Agelastos

- Negroponte & Agelastos

- Rallis & Agelastos

- Rodocanachi & Agelastos


A company identified as a member of the Galata (Constantinople) Stock Exchange in 1840: 


- Agelaste & Radocanacchi (sic)



Schmitt, Levantiner, 1995, Annexe 5 provides a listing of merchants whose names are recorded in the archives of the Galata stock exchange (state of 1840). The spelling is that of  the author Dellenbusch, and is not corrected for errors.  An ‘x’ marks those companies with a Chiot background.  Oliver Jens Schmitt, Levantiner. Lebenswelten und Identitäten einer ethnokonfessionellen Gruppe im osmanischen Reich im langen 19. Jahrhundert [Levantines. Life-worlds and identities of an ethno-confessional group in the Ottoman Empire during the long 19th century] – Munich: Oldenbourg, 2005.