Based on the affidavits taken by two witnesses at the Athens District Court,

the Mayor of Athens

certifies herewith the following:



who died 5 June 1923 in Athens

did not leave behind upon his death either any descendants, as he was unmarried, or any parent, as both his parents predeceased him;

the only close relatives he left behind upon his death are his siblings, who are the following:


1) ANNETTE S(tamati) AGELASTO, aged 63, unmarried.

2) CALLIOPE, widow of JEAN GUION, aged 65, daughter of S(tamati) AGELASTO

3) MICHAEL S(tamati) AGELASTO, aged 60

4) HERACLES S(tamati) AGELASTO, aged 79

5) EANTHE, widow of ANASTASIOS KOURIS, aged 68, daughter of S(tamati) AGELASTO.


The deceased did not leave behind either any further siblings and stepsiblings or any descendants of siblings and stepsiblings who predeceased him.


Athens, 18 June 1923

The Mayor